The mind behind the Miso Baked Salmon

We had the opportunity to chat to the mind behind the menu about one of our best-selling dishes. Duncan Winter is the Head Chef here at No. 10 Restaurant + Bar, and the creator behind the crown favourite Miso Baked Salmon Fillet.

What inspired you to create this dish?

Health fresh food, it’s my approach to food. Salmon Is such a versatile ingredient. A lover of Japanese cuisine I wanted to bring some of the flavours together with this dish. Miso, edamame, wakame, sesame, wasabi peas, sushi rice and of course sake. Amazing!

How is the salmon prepared?

Preparation for our loved salmon dish begins with breaking down a whole fresh atlantic salmon. Scaling, filleting, pin boning, portioning. The rich flavoured salmon is then glazed with a sweet, sour and salty mix of miso and rice vinegar before baking. Served pink!

What do you think has made it so popular amongst other dishes?

Our Salmon sells itself – a great combination of yummy ingredients cooked perfectly. It’s different and packed with flavour!

No. 10 Restaurant + Bar’s new menu has a great variety catering to every occasion. Some other favourites are our Flash fried Calamari with sriracha and kewpie mayo, Chargrilled baby octopus, Eggs + Ham, Pulled pork soft tacos.

Serious main courses are our Lamb rump and Confit Spatchcock, finishing off with our rich chocolate fondant.

Come in and try the Miso Baked Salmon Fillet for yourself today! Simply call us on (02) 6108 4958 or visit the contact us page here to book your table.