Bring your own cup and save!

Over three billion disposable hot drink cups and lids are used in Australia each year. Most are never recycled. Takeaway coffee cups and lids are resource-intensive to produce - chewing through trees, water, and oil - and usually end up landfilled or littered.

Sadly, socalled ‘biodegradable’ or ‘compostable’ cups share the same fate, even contaminating other recyclables. Worse still, many of them end up in the ocean, where they break up into smaller pieces which marine life mistake for food, taking the lives of countless millions of innocent sea creatures every year.

In a bid to play our part in the reduction of coffee cup wastage, we now have KeepCups available to purchase in store. And it gets better - any KeepCup you purchase in store with us will allow you to receive your first coffee for free!

Once you have purchased your KeepCup, we then offer all of our guests who bring their own cup 50c off their coffee – everytime. So what’s the hold up? Make the switch today just like us!

Come in and purchase your very own KeepCup today!