Meet the team: Head Chef Duncan Winter

Returning to Australia after seven years in the Netherlands as the embassy chef in the Hague, Duncan Winters' burning passion for cooking made him the perfect fit as Head Chef. He is looking forward to working with Canberra produce to create some exciting new additions to the menu.

His many years of experience have brought him to deliver a menu that is exciting, challenging, and homely all at once. His signature dish chicken + waffles, blurs the lines between sweet and savoury to create a wonderful harmony that has become one of our most popular dishes.

Pictured: Chicken + Waffles

Winter says he's happy with the menu he's created for No. 10 Restaurant + Bar and as the weather warms up we can expect some lighter, seasonal fare. "Moving on into summer we'll probably retweak the menu a little bit, bring on some really fresh stuff, citrussy, balanced salads, healthy stuff," he says.

Want to try Duncan's menu for yourself? Call (02) 6108 4958 or visit the contact us page here to book your table.

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